our goals

Life is Better with Trees is a community based initiative created with the following goals in mind:
  • 1
    Engage 150 disadvantaged youth between the ages of 16-24 by providing them job skills, training, and work experience.
  • 2
    Educate the community about the benefit of trees, ensuring the newly planted trees’ long-term survival
  • 3
    Plant more trees and expanding the urban forest


Los Angeles County Board of Supervisor Hilda L. Solis allocated funds to the San Gabriel Valley Conservation Corp (SGVCC) to start the initiative in East Los Angeles, Walnut Park, Bassett and Valinda. These locations were identified as having a lack of tree canopy coverage and green spaces that are key to creating healthier communities in Southeast Los Angeles and the San Gabriel Valley.


Trees provide many benefits to communities:
  • Trees reduce resident energy bills by shading homes, reducing the need for air conditioning.

  • They reduce storm-water run-off by capturing polluted rain water that would otherwise flow into the ocean.

  • Trees cool urban areas, decreasing heat-related illness and deaths.

  • They clean the air by absorbing carbon dioxide and other pollutant gases and filter particulates out of the air benefiting those with respiratory illness.

  • Residents of neighborhoods with trees have shown better health perception and lower stress levels compared to those without trees.

  • The act of planting trees inspires community and social cohesion.

  • Trees provide a physical and psychological barrier between pedestrians and motorized traffic, increasing safety as well as making walking more enjoyable.

more information

  • Before planting, youth-led tree outreach and education takes place to inspire community members to want trees planted in front of their homes and encourage resident responsibility for tree care. After planting, youth-led site inspection of trees will occur along with resident check-ins to assess barriers and offer solutions to watering the new tree. If the tree has died within one year of being planted, it will be replaced.

  • In doing tree education and outreach, youth will learn how to engage with their larger community and how to work with local government.  They will also gain access to job skills training, education, and work experience, with an emphasis on conservation and service projects that benefit the community at large.

  • San Gabriel Valley Conservation Corps (SGVCC) provides Conservation Corps services, social services, mentoring, educational interventions, vocational preparation and career training to participants from the San Gabriel Valley and eastern Los Angeles County.  These SGVCC programs lead to reduced recidivism and family-sustaining employment for participants.

  • Financial support for the initiative comes from Proposition A, the Safe Neighborhood Parks Act, and Los Angeles County Probation Juvenile Justice Crime Prevention Act funding.

interested in participating?

Residents interested in participating or learning more about Life is Better with Trees should contact the San Gabriel Valley Conservation Corps at (626) 579-2484.