The Maclellan Foundation is partnering with Urban Strategies to develop the Latino Fatherhood Initiative in Chattanooga.  The program will be modeled after other successfully evidence based family strengthening programs that have been implemented by Urban Strategies in similar communities.  The program model is an innovative, evangelistic, partnership-based project for serving the needs of low-income and/or underserved Hispanic fathers.
The program aims to help fathers increase their involvement and responsibility towards their families throughout significant life transitions.  The project team will engage FBOs to develop programming within their communities targeted at fathers to support their children in creative ways, develop their marriage and, access other community resources to strengthen their families.

why this is needed

  • “Children living in female-headed homes with no spouse present have a poverty rate of 47.6% - over four times the rate of children living in married couple families.”
  • “Students living in father-absent homes are twice as likely to repeat a grade in school.”
  • “ Higher quality father-daughter relationships is a protective factor against engagement in risky sexual behaviors.”


The Latino Fatherhood initiative will include training in the following curriculums:
  • Fatherhood Parenting Curricula

    24/7 Dad and SiemprePapá (the Spanish language version of 24/7 Dad). They have been independently evaluated and found to have a positive impact on fathers, and effective in improving parenting skills, fathering knowledge, and attitudes towards fathering. These curricula are appropriate to the needs of married, single, and divorced dads.

  • Relationship/ Marriage Curricula

    Love Notes focuses on young adults whose progress in school and in employment is derailed by unplanned pregnancy, single parenting, and troubled relationships. This curriculum is especially appropriate for single fathers.

    Connecting Families was developed by the Penn State Cooperative Extension and adapted by Urban Strategies for work on previous Fatherhood Projects. Topics include Understanding the Couple Relationship, Challenges of Conflict, Working as a Team, and Planning for Success.

  • Job Preparedness Training

    The curriculum teaches students to navigate the job market by providing them with a comprehensive set of necessary skills, from resume development and interviewing skills, to dressing for success and other soft skills development. Trainings are offered in small groups of 15 or fewer to create a supportive learning environment for students. The class lasts 8 hours over the course of 2-4 weeks.


Urban Strategies provides the following support:
  • Train the local FBO staff and facilitators in each of the program curriculums.
  • Provide necessary materials at no charge to the local FBO for implementation.
  • Work with the FBO staff to develop outreach, program strategies and other aspects of implementation to support a successful program.
  • Provide evaluation and ongoing technical assistance
Participating FBOs will:
  • Designate a lead contact to oversee the Initiative in their community and attend quarterly meetings as a part of the Initiative
  • Designate  two – three facilitators to be trained in the curriculum.
  • Be willing and capable to recruit up to 30 fathers from their local church and surrounding community.
  • Be willing to work in collaboration with other local churches and organizations to develop local fathers in the community.

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