what people say about us

“Have you heard of Urban Strategies? Did you know they have leveraged over 100  million dollars in private sector and public funds to bring measurable life change to marginalized Latino communities? They have incredible expertise and trust within the Latino community and design custom programs using a decade of experience to do the truly hard work of helping people, not easy ideas but the real complex programs that have to engage a host of systemic issues to really see transformation. [and to those with a faith based interest…] What is more, they work with local churches to deliver many of these programs so they are grounded in the community, developing it rather than just being charitable. By engaging the church these programs are better grounded in addressing the holistic needs of the person that go far beyond the unique focus of the program themselves. “
“I know that when Urban Strategies calls, I  show up.  I don’t even need to know why I’m meeting but I know that because it is Urban Strategies who is asking, it will be good for me and my community.” - Los Angeles Community Leader